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“The Lure of the Flesh is a coming-of-age tale that is notable for both its exploration of its protagonist’s fatalistic existential meditations and for its most distinctive presentational form… Published with a narrow portrait-style approach it makes use of cut-out holes in pages… It’s a tactile element that is sophisticated and intricate in delivery and one that makes our relationship with the page, and the comic’s central character, all the more intimate as a result.”     –    Andy Oliver, Editor-in-Chief at Broken Frontier

Read the full review of my comic by Andy Oliver from Broken Frontier here. And you can buy the 16-page comic, about a girl who after a series of events fears she may be turning into a werewolf (inspired by my own experience with OCD and intrusive thoughts, but with a magical realism/fairy-tale twist to it) on my Etsy page: BeatriceMossmanArt.

The title is inspired by a quote from Phoebe Gloeckner’s ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’, and the cover image is inspired by the 1984 film ‘The Company of Wolves’.

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